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Watch Order

Travel back to the past for our early episodes… or look to future to see what episodes are to come.  It’s like having your own TARDIS and using it only for keeping up with a podcast.

EpPodcast TitleNew WhoClassic Who
1BeginningsRoseAn Unearthly Child
2Goodbye, EarthThe End of the WorldThe Ark in Space
3Dead WalkingThe Unquiet DeadThe Curse of Fenric
4Human Self-DestructionAliens of London/World War ThreeWarriors of the Deep
5DaleksDalekDeath to the Daleks
6Mindless EntertainmentThe Long GameVengeance on Varos
7Fixing the PastFather's DayThe Aztecs
8Tech Gone WildThe Empty Child/The Doctor DancesThe Face of Evil
9What the Eff?Boom TownThe Edge of Destruction
10Generating AgainBad Wolf/The Parting of the WaysThe Caves of Androzani
11Fresh StartThe Christmas InvasionSpearhead from Space
12MasqueradeNew EarthMeglos
13The HorrorTooth and ClawThe Tomb of the Cybermen
14Goodbye Sarah JaneSchool ReunionThe Hand of Fear
15Death by RobotThe Girl in the FireplaceThe Robots of Death
16Parallelo... Great?Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of SteelInferno
17Doctor Daddy-OThe Idiot's LanternDelta and the Bannermen
18Devil With a Who DressThe Impossible Planet/The Satan PitThe Dæmons
19Monster in the MirrorLove & MonstersThe Creature from the Pit
20Art Immolates LifeFear HerThe Mind Robber
21Plot Twist and ShoutArmy of Ghosts/DoomsdayEarthshock
22London UndergroundThe Runaway BrideDoctor Who and the Silurians
23Duel ProcessSmith and JonesThe Stones of Blood
24Author, Author!The Shakespeare CodeTimelash
25Macra May Kill YouGridlockThe Macra Terror
26DalekFest 2021Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the DaleksThe Evil of the Daleks
27It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad ScientistThe Lazarus ExperimentPlanet of Evil
28A Fetching Quest42The Keys of Marinus
29Whole Lotta Swappin' Goin' OnHuman Nature/The Family of BloodMawdryn Undead
30Statue of LimitationsBlinkSilver Nemesis (unofficial 25th anniversary)
31Hey La Hey La the Master's BackUtopiaThe Keeper of Traken
32Martha and Tom Baker Have HAD ItThe Sound of Drums/Last of the Time LordsLogopolis
33Lapping Up LuxuryVoyage of the DamnedTerror of the Vervoids
34Remember Nostaglia?Partners in CrimeBattlefield
35Causation NationThe Fires of PompeiiThe Romans
36Singin' with the BrainsPlanet of the OodTime and the Rani
37The Prodigal SontaranThe Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison SkyThe Time Warrior
38Family TiesThe Doctor's DaughterThe Dalek Invasion of Earth
39Who Done Done It?The Unicorn and the WaspBlack Orchid
40Virtual InsanitySilence in the Library/Forest of the DeadThe Deadly Assassin
41Rainbow TroughtonMidnightThe Curse of Peladon
42The Doctor is OutTurn LeftThe Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD
43A Davros by Any Other NameThe Stolen Earth/Journey's EndGenesis of the Daleks
44Another Day, Another DoctorThe Next DoctorRobot
45Stand Clear of the Closing DoctorPlanet of the DeadTime-Flight
46Life on MarsThe Waters of MarsThe Ambassadors of Death
47Time, Lord, Is On Our SideThe End of TimeThe War Games
48Who’s the New Guy?The Eleventh HourDoctor Who
49Who Gotta Get Outta This PlaceThe Beast BelowThe Ark
50The Trojan DalekVictory of the DaleksThe Power of the Daleks
51Crash Into MeThe Time of Angels/Flesh and StoneFull Circle
52VamplifiedThe Vampires of VeniceState of Decay
53Night of the Living ElderlyAmy's ChoiceParadise Towers
54London Underground 2: The Sea-quelThe Hungry Earth/Cold BloodThe Sea Devils
55Portrait of the Artist as a Young DoctorVincent and the DoctorCastrovalva
56The Doctor Next StoreThe LodgerFury from the Deep
57Let's Call It a KnightThe Pandorica Opens/The Big BangThe Androids of Tara
58A Light at the End of the ChunnelA Christmas CarolCity of Death
59Planetary IntergalacticThe Impossible Astronaut/Day of the MoonThe Tenth Planet
60Yo Ho Who, and a Bottle of FunThe Curse of the Black SpotThe Smugglers
62Great Future in PlasticsThe Rebel Flesh/The Almost PeopleTerror of the Autons
63Battle Hymn of the Who-publicA Good Man Goes to WarThe Dominators
64Body Double TroubleLet's Kill HitlerTerror of the Zygons
65Creep ImpactNight TerrorsGhost Light
66Wait Wait, Don't Kill MeThe Girl Who WaitedDragonfire
67Peace of Mind ControlThe God ComplexThe Mind of Evil
68It's Just a Show for BabiesClosing TimeThe Celestial Toymaker
69Time Loop-de-LoopThe Wedding of River SongDay of the Daleks
70What's Mined is YoursThe Doctor, the Widow and the WardrobeColony in Space
71Dalek See, Dalek DoAsylum of the DaleksPlanet of the Daleks
72Do You Think Who Saw Us?Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipInvasion of the Dinosaurs
73Who Shot J.R.?A Town Called MercyThe Gunfighters
74All For One, Who For AllThe Power of ThreeThe Three Doctors (10th anniversary special)
75Man PowerThe Angels Take ManhattanRevelation of the Daleks
76Bad IntelThe SnowmenThe Web of Fear
77Who's Who?The Bells of Saint JohnResurrection of the Daleks
78Large and in ChargeThe Rings of AkhatenThe Web Planet
79Cool Refreshing ArmageddonCold WarThe Ice Warriors
80Boo WhoHideImage of the Fendahl
81Tardis and FeathersJourney to the Centre of the TARDISThe Invasion of Time
82You Take the Who RoadThe Crimson HorrorThe Highlanders
83Silver SmithsNightmare in SilverThe Wheel in Space
84Remembrance of Who's PastThe Name of the DoctorRemembrance of the Daleks
85The Gang's All HereThe Day of the DoctorThe Five Doctors (20th anniversary special)
86And So This is ChristmasThe Time of the DoctorAttack of the Cybermen
87It's Made of PeopleDeep BreathThe Talons of Weng-Chiang
88Good Things Come in Who PackagesInto the DalekThe Invisible Enemy
89Kings and ThingsRobot of SherwoodThe Crusade
90It's All RelativeListenThe Massacre
91Honor Among ThievesTime HeistThe Ribos Operation
92Artificial Who-telligenceThe CaretakerThe War Machines
93Goodnight, MoonKill the MoonThe Moonbase
94Just One of the SarcophagiMummy on the Orient ExpressPyramids of Mars
95Honey, I Shrunk the DoctorFlatlinePlanet of Giants
96The Doctor and the BeanstalkIn The Forest of the NightThe Seeds of Doom
97Dark Water/Death in HeavenThe Invasion
98Last ChristmasKinda
99The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's FamiliarThe Daleks
100The Girl Who DiedMarco Polo
101The Woman Who LivedThe Horns of Nimon
102The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon InversionThe Android Invasion
103Sleep No MoreThe Underwater Menace
104Face the RavenThe Curse of Peladon
105Heaven SentSnakedance
106Hell BentArc of Infinity
107The Husbands of River SongThe Myth Makers
108The Return of Doctor MysterioMindwarp
109The PilotThe Faceless Ones
110SmileThe Happiness Patrol
111Thin IceThe Power of Kroll
112Knock KnockFrontios
113OxygenThe Seeds of Death
114ExtremisCarnival of Monsters
115The Pyramid at the End of the WorldThe Daleks' Master Plan (1-6)
116The Lie of the LandThe Daleks' Master Plan (7-12)
117Empress of MarsThe Monster of Peladon
118The Eaters of LightSurvival
119World Enough and Time/The Doctor FallsThe Claws of Axos
120Twice Upon a TimeThe Two Doctors
121The Woman Who Fell to EarthThe Twin Dilemma
122The Ghost MonumentEnlightenment
123RosaThe Time Meddler
124Arachnids in the UKPlanet of the Spiders
125The Tsuranga ConundrumRevenge of the Cybermen
126Demons of the PunjabThe Mutants
127Kerblam!The Sun Makers
128The WitchfindersThe Visitation
129It Takes You AwayWarriors' Gate
130The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosThe Pirate Planet
131ResolutionThe Chase
132SpyfallThe Enemy of the World
133Orphan 55The Mysterious Planet
134Nikola Tesla's Night of TerrorThe Mark of the Rani
135Fugitive of the JudoonHorror of Fang Rock
136PraxeusThe Green Death
137Can You Hear Me?The Mind of Evil
138The Haunting of Villa DiodatiThe Brain of Morbius
139Ascension of the Cybermen/The Timeless ChildrenUnderworld
140Revolution of the DaleksShada