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Classic Season 14 NuWho Series 4 Podcast Season 4

Virtual Insanity – “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” & “The Deadly Assassin”

We’re like freakin’ Johnny Mnemonic over here! We’re like The Net! We’re like any 90s-era meditation on the dangers of online communication! Join us as The Doctor logs on, tunes in, turns off, and memes up.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Virtual Insanity - "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead" & "The Deadly Assassin"

And so enters Dr. Elizabeth Corday… erm (or should I say, ERm?)… Dr. River Song.  A character destined to return again and again to New Who (except of course that she dies here… or not really dies, sort of).  And if Porter and John weren’t confused enough by this single character, you’ve got Steven Moffat just really being annoyingly brilliant as he hurls enough clever ideas at you in the first ten minutes to sustain the entire career of lesser writers (looking at you Illiam-Way Akespeare-Shay).  You’ve got shadow piranhas, sentient computers, soul-echoing communicators, possible future Doctors, an entire virtual life for Donna, and… most bizarre of all… a place where information is stored on bound collections of paper stored on shelves.  Now, shut your pie hole, because our Podcasting duo needs Silence in the Library as we explore the Forest of the Dead.

We then rocket back to days of 4th Doctor yore to find our hero (sadly sans talking cabbage) visiting his legendary home planet of Gallifrey for an epic encounter with a burned out husk with ping pong ball eyes (which is how John used to describe himself on hookup Apps).  But there’s no time for hookups here as the Doctor’s non-pepperpot shaped arch-enemy has returned – the Master is his name and assassinatin’ is his game as he takes potshots at the Time Lord President in a confusing attempt to steal his fashion accessories.  Fortunately for our podcasters, this involves a 3rd episode left-turn into the surreal world of the Matrix thereby justifying this episode pairing.  Join Porter and John and an eerie laughing clown reflection as they contemplate the redundancy of the title The Deadly Assassin.