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Classic Season 6 NuWho Specials Podcast Season 4

Time, Lord, Is On Our Side – “The End of Time” & “The War Games”

Doctor come, Doctors go. We look at the final stories of the Tenth and the Second doctors. Also, Gallifrey checks in and screws with everything a little.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Time, Lord, Is On Our Side - "The End of Time" & "The War Games"

Clear your calendars, Probers, because we have got 7 (SEVEN!) hours of Who to discuss… which turns out to only need about 20 more minute in the Podcast.

We kick off our epic look at epics with the epic conclusion of David Tennant’s epic run as the 10th Doctor (which itself is really just the two-part epic finale to his epic lap of honor).  Yes, he doesn’t want to go, and we can tell because he has been saying goodbye for about 6 episodes at this point.  But, as we say, there’s one more epic to get under our belts and it’s a doozy as John Simm returns as a resurrected Master who can really tuck into a turkey.  He’s got a diabolical plot to save the BBC on casting and actor salaries by becoming EVERYONE, which would in itself be a heck of a cliffhanger, but then – BAM! – out of nowhere we get James freakin’ Bond himself, Timothy Dalton, just bustin’ in all, “Hey, guess what?  Gallifrey’s back and I am Rassilon.  Bitches.”  And then we still get Wilf, Donna, Sylvia Noble, Sarah, Martha, Mickey, Jack, Alonzo, and soom Ood.  Oh yeah, and then Matt Smith shows up.  It’s a heck of a story and we could go into more detail if we hadn’t already reached… The End of Time!

A two-hour Doctor regeneration story?!  That has to be one heck of a grand finale!  Pshaw, say Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks from back in 1969.  Feast your eyes on 10 (TEN!) episodes of classic Who as Patrick Troughton ends his reign as Doctor #2.  It’s a gradual reveal (I mean, they had the time) as the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe find themselves caught up in World War I… and the US Civil War… and some vague Roman war thing….  We quickly learn never to trust people with glasses as we discover a fiendish alien plot to build the universe’s greatest fighting force.  A plot slightly marred by some really bitchy interoffice rivalry between the War Chief and the Security Chief.  And, as if that’s not enough… once again the Time Lords show up in the epic conclusion!  Only, this time, it’s the FIRST time they’ve ever shown up in Doctor Who.  Porter and John can barely contain the excitement as they take sides on The War Games!