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The Trojan Dalek – “Victory of the Daleks” & “The Power of the Daleks”

Guys, I know the Daleks have generally been vicious killers intent on nothing except murdering all other life forms. But THESE Daleks seem cool, OK? Just give them a chance, guys! These Daleks are fine! (Spoiler: They are not fine.)

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
The Trojan Dalek - "Victory of the Daleks" & "The Power of the Daleks"

But before we come to grips with sneaky Daleks, let’s take a moment to celebrate our 50th episode!  Yes, many said we couldn’t do it.  They said the world was too saturated in Podcasts.  They said we lacked the requisite connections to turn NNTMP into nothing short of an international, dare we say, phenomenon.  Well, they were right – but we did it anyway!

As if 50 eps wasn’t momentous enough, our stories this week pack in the momentousness.  We begin with 11th Doctor Matt Smith’s historic first meeting with the Daleks – made even more historic by the inclusion of the historic Winston Churchill during the historic Blitz when the Nazis were trying to make the UK history.  The Daleks, themselves moved by all the historicness, decide to roll out a super fab redesign that answers the question, “What if the Daleks were the same color as M&Ms?”  The answer is that they would be deeply unpopular.  But not unpopular enough to thwart The Victory of the Daleks!

We then return rocket back to perhaps the single most important story in Doctor Who history – which must be why it was immediately lost by the BBC.  Anyhow… it’s the debut of Patrick Troughton as Doctor #2, confusing the hell out of the youth of Britain who were desperately trying to understand what had happened.  Ol’ Pat is not immediately helpful to his friends Ben and Polly or to the audience, but fortunately the Daleks are around to comfort us by sinisterly manipulating the colonists, driving a scientist insane, and then just mass slaughtering everyone in sight.  The Omnibot 2000 they are most certainly not.  Join Porter and John as they get a charge out of The Power of the Daleks.