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Season 2

The Horror – “Tooth and Claw” & “Tomb of the Cybermen”

Episode 13

So… Thrill to the escapades of a deeply flirtatious Doctor and Rose!  Shudder at the depiction of a not-too-monstrous Queen Victoria!  Gasp at Porter’s startling ranking!   Gently expel flatulence at John’s inability to fully  explain the fate of the monks!  These are the terrors that await as you experience Tooth and Claw!

Then, sufficiently horrified, wander into a spooooky Hong Kong television archive and discover a rack of dusty film canisters containing the lost-but-now-found 2nd Doctor classic, The Tomb of the Cybermen!  Will Porter fall in love with the mighty Patrick Troughton and his Cosmic Hobo?  Will John sigh with relief at shoehorning the Cybermen into the watch order just three episodes before their New Series debut?