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A Davros by Any Other Name – “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End” & “Genesis of the Daleks”

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
A Davros by Any Other Name - "The Stolen Earth/Journey's End" & "Genesis of the Daleks"

Yes.  Yesssss.  To broadcast our thoughts across the Internet to dozens of people.  To hold in our hand, a device that would contain such power.  To know that the tiny pressure of our fingers – enough to hit the “Post” button – would share… everything.  Yes.  We WOULD do it.  AND THROUGH THIS PODCAST WE HAVE THAT POWER!!!!

Look, if you don’t like ranting, then you probably should skip these episodes because they both feature the Ranty McRanterson of Doctor Who:  Davros.  Or probably Dr. Davros, right?  He must have a PhD.  Anyhoo, we kick off with 21st Century Who’s precursor to The Avengers as they gather everyone who has ever even thought about appearing in Who and shoehorn them into a rollicking romp featuring: SarahCaptain JackMarthaRoseTorchwoodHarriet JonesDalek CaanSylvia and Wilf.  Jackie and Mickey.  TWO David Tennants.  The afore-mentioned Davros.  Oh, and a fake-out regeneration.  Is it too much for our intrepid Podcasters to handle?  Find out as they contemplate The Stolen Earth before reaching Journeys End.

Having had a taste of Davros, we crave more (who wouldn’t – he’s so charming!) so we head back to the 4th Doctor era where we meet him for the very first time.  We find our mad scientist buddy beavering away in his lab creating the Daleks and only taking quick breaks to commit not one but two genocides.  He is only occasionally disturbed by the Doctor, Sarah, and Harry popping in to deliver some dialog and then ultimately even they just watch the riveting final episode on TV.  Now, John has seen this episode 30+ times so we might have a hint of his feelings toward it.  Will Porter share his fondness for the book of Genesis of the Daleks?