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Statue of Limitations – “Blink” & “Silver Nemesis”

We take a look at the classic “Doctor Lite” episode, “Blink”, featuring Oscar-nominee Carey Mulligan. There’s also a Seventh Doctor story with Nazis, Cybermen, and a sorceress, but really “Blink” is the thing. WILL PORTER LIKE IT???

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Statue of Limitations - "Blink" & "Silver Nemesis"

Because let’s face it – if Porter doesn’t like this one, then what are we all doing here?  If you can’t get behind a multiple Oscar-nominee facing living statues that force people to live their lives to death and can only be defeated with the help of a DVD Easter Egg, then this show is probably not for you.  So gather around your Podcast-playing medium with bated breath as our intrepid team stares down the debut of the Weeping Angels and dare each other not to Blink.

If time traveling living statues are your “thing,” then boy are you in for a treat as NNTMP rockets back to 1988 and the 25th anniversary of Who.  Flush with the tremendous achievement of reaching 25 years, the BBC pulls out all the stops (and here, apparently, “stops” means “money“) and delivers a whole lotta plot that vaguely suggests a momentous anniversary because some things are silver.  Will Porter and John be able to keep track of Gallifreyan super weapons, Cybermen, Nazis, crazy 17th Century women, crazy Tony Award winning women, the Cartmel Masterplan, and the latest Theme Section theme?  Find out as they confront the tightly plotted (erm…) Silver Nemesis.