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Stand Clear of the Closing Doctor – “Planet of the Dead” & “Time-Flight”

What if Doctor Who were like Die Hard… but on a bus!? Well, that’d be Speed. This is not that. But there is a bus. And in our classic episode: a plane!

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Stand Clear of the Closing Doctor - "Planet of the Dead" & "Time-Flight"

It’s Easter and we’re on a London bus with a rich lady cat burglar and Lee Evans.  Tell me if you’ve heard this one before?  Well, you have if you’ve watched the next in our series of 10th Doctor specials forming David Tennant’s lap of honor.  The bus has, as is typical of mass transit, been delayed due to a wormhole that leaves it in a desert that looks a lot like Dubai but is in fact an alien planet!  Now it’s a race against time for the Doctor, Lady Christina, an Oscar winner, a wise and slightly psychic black woman, and some fly people as they work with UNIT and the great Malcolm to get back to Earth before a bunch giant flying manta rays can escape… the Planet of the Dead!

It’s then back to the 5th Doctor era, which then takes us back even further to prehistoric Earth in a classic Who episode that takes on the tough issues of the day and drives home the important message: “Hey!  We got a Concorde!”  After taking the requisite 30 seconds to mourn the death of Adric, the Doctor, Tegan, and Nyssa head to Heathrow where they get involved in the hunt for a missing Concorde. Will Porter and John resolve the mystery of the inexplicably (and slightly racist-ly) disguised Master?  Will they become embroiled in the intriguing mystery of the Xerpahin – namely, who the Hell are they and what is this story actually supposed to be about?  To find out, grab your carry-on and park yourself in the Group 2 line (if you are a frequent Prober), and don’t be late to catch your Time-Flight!