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Season 2

Plot Twist and Shout – “Army of Ghosts”/“Doomsday” & “Earthshock”

Daleks, and Cybermen, and Torchwoodoh my!  Also, Jackie, Mickey, Pete, Jake, the Time War, and a quick shout-out to Harriet Jones.  Oh, and Rose leaves too.  Russell T. Davies tosses the last two seasons of Who in a Vitamix and laughs maniacally as he blasts a plot smoothie right down the rapacious ear and eye maws of Porter and John as they take in the Season 2 two-episode finale of Army of Ghosts and Doomsday.

Then journey back – waaaay back – to a simpler time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and and companions just blew up like decent folk instead of being all diva about it.  But don’t worry, the Cybermen still prove utterly ineffectual.  Will Porter and John follow the ins-and-outs of the Cybermen’s convoluted scheme to create an Earthshock?  Will anyone even explain what an Earthshock is or will they just all Earthcalm down and Earthrelax?