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Classic Season 7 NuWho Series 2 Podcast Season 2

Parallelo… Great? – “Rise of the Cybermen”/“Age of Steel” & “Inferno”

What if there was a whole ‘nother world, kinda like your world, but just a little bit different? Like, basically your same world but with blimps and more goatees? Well, don’t answer that question, because Doctor Who and the whole gang have answered it for you using…. television!

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Parallelo... Great? - “Rise of the Cybermen”/“Age of Steel” & “Inferno”

Calling all Zeppelin fans!  If you love Zeppelin, then this episode is for you – and it’s certainly not an attempt by us to take this Podcast to a new audience of rock fans.  No, we’ve gone to a parallel universe this week – but not the one where everyone has goatees but the other one where everyone drives a blimp.  And, hey, when we get there we meet none other than Rose’s Dad, Pete (last seen dead) and Mickey’s grandmother (never seen nor mentioned until now but, in our universe, also dead) as they tune in on their earbuds to get the latest on The Rise of the Cybermen and learn about the perks of being part of The Age of Steel.  Porter bids a fond and absolutely final farewell to the great Mickey Smith while John just keeps his mouth shut on that one.

We then return to the classic era in search of the elusive goatee universe but have to settle for the eyepatch universe.  But not for long, because that universe is a hunk, a hunk o’ burnin’ planet (welcome Elvis fans!) thanks to the Inferno!  Yes, join the NNTMP team as we burrow to the center of the Earth for… reasons… accompanied by NNTMP-favorite Za!  Will Porter cower in fear before a terrifying wave of slow-moving oatmeal dyed red as a last sacrifice to help John restart his Chrysler LeBaron and escape the Podcast?