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Season 2

Monster in the Mirror – “Love & Monsters” & “Creature from the Pit”

Look, let’s get this out of the way: it’s a monster in a thong with faces on his butt.  Even David Tennant – who is contractually obligated to appear – keeps his distance on this one.  But this gives us all time to meet Elton and the gang at LINDA, basically Doctor Who fans who lack the awesome power of the megaphone that is podcasting.  Will Porter and John use the podcast to talk about the episode or will they get bored with it and start cooking potluck dinners and forming a band?  Find out as they muse on Love and Monsters.

They call it the Creature and it lives in the Pit.  As the Fourth Doctor remarks, they do have a way with words.  As do Porter and John, who must use words as they podcast because all the elaborate visuals they prepare really do not land in this medium.  But that’s fine here because the image of a giant green penis wandering around a cave is all anyone needs to get the gist of the notorious Season 17 story, The Creature from the Pit.