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Classic Season 18 NuWho Series 2 Podcast Season 2

Masquerade – “New Earth” & “Meglos”

A couple of Doctor Who episodes where people pretend to be other people. We pretend to be interested.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Masquerade - “New Earth” & “Meglos”

Wracked by the guilt of destroying Earth in Series 1, Russell T. Davies, like a parent replacing a deceased hamster, gives us a New Earth – nearly indistinguishable from the old except for the cat medical staff.  Will Porter revel in the smug self-satisfaction that comes with at last recognizing a returning villain to Doctor Who?  Will John revel in the fact that he knows the secret of the Face of Boe and Porter does not, thus firmly establishing John as the superior person at every level?

Our revels now are not nearly ended, however, as we grasp the tenuous thread of body swapping to journey back to the sands of Zolfa-Thura, home to Meglos, played in a commanding performance by a potted cactus.  Will Porter recognize Season 1 favorite Jacqueline Hill returning to the series in the guise of Lexa?  No.  Will John now escalate his reveling at yet further confirmation that his Who knowledge is so vast?  Yes.  Yes, it’s somewhat the premise of the whole Podcast.