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Season 3

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Scientist – “The Lazarus Experiment” & “Planet of Evil”

“Madness… madness…” says Major Clipton at the conclusion of The Bridge on the River Kwai – was he talking about the antics of Colonel Nicholson or this Podcast?  We may never know, but what we do know is that this puppy is chock full of nutty professors, starting with NNTMP favorite, Mark Gatiss (still gay).  Gatiss makes his first television appearance in Who as the star attraction at a surprisingly low-key event announcing the discovery of revolutionary de-aging technology that will allow humanity to live forever.  Join Porter and John as they peer review the results of The Lazarus Experiment.

We then rocket back to the classic series and to the edge of the universe with the 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith as they explore the mysterious, Planet of Evil.  Porter and John will explore the science of anti-matter, the origins of the mad scientist trope, the wonders of Roger Murray-Leach’s jungle set design, and the irresistible dramatic pull of space mining in a free-wheeling discussion that – of course – covers many other television shows as well.