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Season 1

Human Self-Destruction – “Aliens of London/World War III” & “Warriors of the Deep”

Episode 4

The Slitheen first um… blast onto our screens with their, shall we say, effervescent personalities in the first two-parter of the New Series, Aliens of London and World War III.  Will Porter’s penchant for fart jokes leave him helpless in the face of an onslaught of gastro-intestinal humor?  Will John’s fixation on flatulence sour his take on the intrigue and excitement of an alien invasion?

We then turn to the taut, John Le Carre-esque, futuristic post-Cold War thrllier… oops, sorry, typo there, just let me go back and fix- FACE IT JOHN, IT’S MISSPELLED!  THERE’S NOTHING WE CAN DO BUT GET ON WITH WATCHING WARRIORS OF THE DEEP!