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Season 2

Goodbye Sarah Jane – “School Reunion” & “Hand of Fear”

This week, we tear up precedent into little pieces, stomp on it, deride it as a little girly-man, chastise ourselves for using gender stereotypes as taunts, and send legions of Probers into fits of confusion as we begin with the classic story that bid farewell to the incomparable, Sarah Jane Smith.  Will the emotion of the saddest of companion swan songs crack Porter’s steely facade and leave him a blubbing wreck?  Will John too succumb to extreme emotion or will he tell it to talk to The Hand of Fear?

We then – and stay with us here – discuss the 10th Doctor story!  See, because, we talked about the classic story first this time, which means we did not discuss the “New Who” story yet, so we need to discuss that now.  Is everyone following here?  Well, it all makes sense, you see, because we join the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey for a thrilling School Reunion with none other than Sarah Jane Smith – who we have not seen since The Hand of Fear (if you ignore K-9 and Company, The Five Doctors, the Big Finish Audio series, and the 7th Doctor Missing Adventure Bullet Time).  Will Porter’s love of Sarah and Mickey overcome his disdain for K-9?  Will John suddenly realize that it makes no sense for Sarah to have been driving around for years with a broken robot in her car trunk (or as the British call it, “biscuit”)?