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Season 1

Generating Again – “Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways” & “Caves of Androzani”

Episode 10

Confirming our belief that reality television will be the death of us all and/or lead to a mass invasion of Earth by the Daleks, we at last uncover the mystery of just who is the Bad Wolf before having to endure the emotion of The Parting of the Ways.  Will Porter discover a new appreciation for the power of the Daleks or will he be too distracted by the horror of an android gameshow host?

We then take-in the creme de la creme (literally, “yoghurt“) of classic series regeneration stories with the 5th Doctor’s swan-song The Caves of Androzani.  Does John have the mouth of a prattling jackanapes or do his eyes tell a different story?  Could you even answer that given that Podcasting is an audio medium?  What even is a jackanapes?  None of these questions will be addressed in this Podcast.