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Duel Process – “Smith and Jones” & “Stones of Blood”

We meet Martha Jones for the first time. And we also meet sentient stones. But Martha is the more interesting of the two.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Duel Process - “Smith and Jones” & “Stones of Blood”

As all Americans know, the Third Amendment protects them from the illegal displacement of hospitals to the Moon, but sadly for our new companion, Martha Jones, the King George-loving Brits have no such protection and their hospitals are regularly zapped off world.  Yet another strike against the Socialist NHS while Americans are protected from such indignities thanks to the afore-mentioned amendment and the fact that none of them can afford to go inside hospitals.  Porter and John welcome a new companion, a new monster in the form of the rhino-faced Judoon, and debate the merits of bloodsucking vs face-eating as they take in the Series 3 premiere, Smith and Jones.

The pursuit of justice then takes our intrepid podcasters back to the Fourth Doctor era and (of course) rural England.  Joining the Doctor are Romana I and Porter-favorite K-9 now mid-season arc as they race across the universe in search of the six segments of the Key to Time.  Once again, blood drinking is on the cards but this time instead of an unconvincing old lady with a straw we have the unconvincing polystyrene rocks known as the Ogri.  But don’t worry, if you aren’t getting into the story in the first two episodes, it takes a real tonal hard left halfway through (actually, more of a tonal three-point turn) and becomes an episode of Boston Legal if James Spader were actually just a flashing light.  Will Porter add Professor Amelia Rumford to his growing list of companions who should have been?  Will John manage to casually work into the conversation that he’s a lawyer?  Find out as they shoulder the crushing weight of The Stones of Blood!