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Season 2

Doctor Daddy-O – “Idiot’s Lantern” & “Delta & the Bannermen”

Calling all hepcats and fans of Netflix’s The Crown!  We journey back to the 1950s and the Queen’s new job orientation to experience the heady thrills and heart-wrenching drama that swirls around the world of television installation and repair.  Yes, five decades before HBO’s The Wire captured our hearts, it was an alien capturing peoples’ faces by sucking them through the TV screen.  If you want to find out how your favorite Podcasters (to clarify, it’s us) reacted to the latest exploits of the Doctor and Rose, then let The Idiot’s Lantern light your way.

We then slick back our hair and doo-wop over to classic Who’s Seventh Doctor tour-de-force, Delta and the Bannermen (or just “Delta” to fans).  Yes, Porter is finally introduced to the Citizen Kane of the classic series.  A story that should – nay! – demands to be taken seriously as it holds up a mirror to our society and dares the viewer to grapple with existential nihilism as- OK, never mind, it’s a lot of aging Broadway and television stars riding around on motorcycles and wielding honey as a weapon.  And it’s great!  So ring in the New Year (a couple days later) and raise a toast with your favorite Podcast team (again, us) – here’s to the future!