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Season 2

Devil With a Who Dress – “The Impossible Planet”/”The Satan Pit” & “The Dæmons”

At long last, Doctor Who escapes the Earth and Earth-adjacent settings… and goes straight to Hell!  Probably?  Yes, Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil – Doctor Who shows no fear in confronting the fundamental religious questions of our time – or no doubt it would have but it just didn’t get around to it because they are too busy dramatically rerouting power!  Join Porter and John as they cling to The Impossible Planet desperate to avoid plummeting into The Satan Pit.

Then, there is more devilry afoot within driving distance of the BBC studios in the peaceful hamlet of Devil’s End as the Third Doctor and the plucky Jo Grant face a different manifestation of the Devil in the classic 1971 episode, The Daemons.  Will Porter thrill to violent threats against statuary?  Will John thrill to Porter thrilling?  Will they both listen to Thriller?  You’ll have to listen to the Podcast to find out if we shelled out for the rights to Thriller