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Season 2

Death by Robot – “The Girl in the Fireplace” & “The Robots of Death”

If there’s one thing for which the French are most famous it’s malfunctioning, time travelin’ robots, and boy does The Girl in the Fireplace tick that box.  Listen as Porter toasts the first of his favorite character Mickey’s no doubt hundreds of journeys in the TARDIS as he finally comes on board as a full companion!  And listen to John do nothing to disabuse poor, sad Porter of this foolish notion.

Meanwhile, we have no time to contemplate the melancholy conclusion of our New Who episode for there’s been a MURDER!  Yes, climb aboard the Orient Sandminer Express for a classic Who-dunit (HA!) where the murderer is only partly given away by the title, The Robots of Death.  Will Hercule Porter-rot (HA AGAIN!) piece together the intricate clues and find the killer?  Will John come to appreciate the defensive value of light plastic vases?  There’s only one way to find out… ask someone who has listened to the Podcast.