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Classic Season 26 NuWho Series 1 Podcast Season 1

Dead Walking – “The Unquiet Dead” & “The Curse of Fenric”

We’re traveling through history with Doctor Who to see the dead walk.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Dead Walking - "The Unquiet Dead" & "The Curse of Fenric"

We begin by shining a light on one of history’s more obscure authors, Charles Dickens, as the Doctor and Rose make their first trip into the past.  Will God bless us, every one, or will we be taken over by gas like old people after a Tex-Mex dinner?  We look to The Unquiet Dead for answers.

We then ominously intone the translation of the Viking runes that foretold our next episode…

Night is the time of the Who podcast,

When this story confused Porter from the very first,

But John understood on the 14th viewing of the special edition VHS with extended footage,

Along with reading the novelization and several lengthy articles in Doctor Who Magazine,

And acquiring an advanced degree in Norse mythology,

Only thus does one grasp the plot of…

The Curse of Fenric.