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Author, Author! – “Shakespeare Code” & “Timelash”

The Doctor intrudes into history by meeting, befriending, and affecting two influential authors: William Shakespeare and H.G. Wells. He is unable to use time travel to improve our book reports from seventh grade English class however.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Author, Author! - “Shakespeare Code” & “Timelash”

Ol’ Billy Shakespeare (friend of the show, big Prober) steps onto the Doctor Who stage and uses his gift of words (with a dash of support from J.K. Rowling) to help Martha and the Doctor battle the wicked Carrionites.  Will Porter fall in love with this slice of Elizabethicana (see, it’s not just Shakespeare who has a way with words)?  Will John try to pretend that he is as deeply conversant with all of Shakespeare’s works as he is with Doctor Who canon?  Find out when you crack The Shakespeare Code.

We then rocket back to the classic era – and WAY down the ol’ Who popularity totem pole – to what Doctor Who Magazine once tried (unsuccessfully) to suggest could become the Rocky Horror Picture Show of Doctor Who.  Will Porter and John join in the frolicking and throw things at the screen or shout lines along with the characters… or should they save their breaths for the 6th Doctor… erm… classic Timelash – because most people watch it… with a scream.