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Season 2

Art Immolates Life – “Fear Her” & “Mind Robber”

Should you fear Fear Her and it’s frightening fable of fraught families?  Well, sure, if you have nothing else to do, why not?  Which pretty much sums up this episode of NNTMP as Porter and John do what is necessary to get to the next episode of the podcast.

CheersThe West WingFawlty Towers!  These are just some of the many other shows referenced in this episode as Porter and John attempt to explore the Land of Fiction and find there are probably a lot of other more interesting fictions than we saw in the somewhat oddball Second Doctor tale of The Mind Robber.  Will Porter get chicken pox and be replaced by someone who looks sorta like Porter but isn’t actually him?  And will John even notice given that, as we have established, podcasts are an entirely audio medium?