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Classic Season 12 NuWho Specials Podcast Season 4

Another Day, Another Doctor – “The Next Doctor” & “Robot”

It’s the battle of the giant robots, as we pair the first non-Donna episode with the first Tom Baker joint. Who will win? Beep boop, does not compute!

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
Another Day, Another Doctor - "The Next Doctor" & "Robot"

But it’s more than just robots as this pairing gives NNTMP the opportunity to break its silence on the VERY common phenomenon of powerful women wanting to rampage around cities via ginormous mechanical penis proxies.  We’re in favor.  So, we’re fully on board for some Victorian age shenanigans involving a (maybe) prostitute and some Cybermen and their Temple of Doom homage versus a companion-less David Tennant accompanied by a companionful David Morrisey.  There’s also Rositas and hot air balloons in the meta-titled head fake that is The Next Doctor.

We’re then back to the enormously popular Season 12 for the debut of the one, the only, the legend whose legacy shapes Doctor Who to this day:  Professor Kettlewell!  Also, Tom Baker shows up for his first paycheck.  Which is a bit ironic as he is basically in a Third Doctor story, joining the Brigadier, Benton, Sarah Jane Smith, and Bessie (along with newcomer Harry Sullivan) tussling with the sinister Think Tank and their power mad leader, Hilda Winters.  The UK has all the world’s nuclear codes for… reasons… and a disintegrator gun-wielding robot wants them hence the direct opposite of a meta-title, the straight-forward and to the point title, Robot.  Also, John and Porter then mansplain feminism.  You’re welcome, ladies.