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A Fetching Quest – “42” & “The Keys of Marinus”

The Doctor and his companions have to do something. And then do it again. Then, like, five more times after that, as we explore a couple of episodes that depend on sequential plot devices.

No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
No Not the Mind Probe: A Doctor Who Podcast
A Fetching Quest - "42" & "The Keys of Marinus"

Sometimes in life – as in podcasting – you gotta just keep doing a whole series of things in sequence and you reach your goal.  It’s these sorts of life hacks that bring fans back to NNTMP week after week, and – by the transitive property of podcasting – to Doctor Who!  Yes, the relationship between Martha and the Doctor really heats up this week, although sadly not in the romantic-y way that Martha is hoping for but more in a ship-into-a-sun plunge-y way as they find themselves trapped on the seemingly doomed SS Pentallian.  There’s space mining, power reroutin’, bar trivia, and Martha trapped in vehicles with auxiliary characters as Porter and John discuss Doctor Who’s own take on 24 only 18 better at 42.

We then rocket back to 1964 and Doctor Who’s first season for another quest that moves at a… slightly slower pace.  We join the First Doctor, Barbara, Ian, and Susan as they are good-naturedly extorted to embark on a quest through the jungle-y/icy/brains-in-jar-y planet of Marinus.  Porter and John join them on their series of light-hearted jolly japes (with only the occasional attempted rape and/or spousal abuse) as they attempt to recover the scattered Keys of Marinuswhich do… something important (according to a guy who was in Citizen Kane, so we believe him).